Sunday, 20 April 2014

Be wary of !!

What should companies be wary of :

A long time employee who leaves the company after years of service
Or a new joiner who leaves the company within days of joining

A long serviceman has a lot to share.......he is happy to have served the company for so long, knows the culture ,the good and bad about the company.He would have had a comfort zone with the company, made friends, and enemies, would be knowing about the business. Badmouthing his ex employer would only bring him disgrace for having served the employer for so long.

A new joiner on the other hand is like a rolling stone, gathers very lil about the company and sees only the negative aspect of the system. Every system has its flaws but as employees stay with the system for long they tend to get a comfort zone, they visualize and are in sync with the system. Word of mouth spreads far and fast so a word of caution is be wary of attrition at the entry level, where people leave within six months in the company.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Life is like a pista tree.........


              Life is not evergreen but we forget most of  times that every Autumn is followed by a winter, every winter by a spring, every spring by a summer ,every summer by rain.

I have a pista tree in the front yard of my premises, i have seen it often and thought how, with no watering it still survives the harsh atmosphere and flowers and fruits every year. I realized it is now a fully grown up tree, it doesn't need the constant watering and care needed to support its life cycle when it was a sapling. Once it grows to its full strength it has seen many turbulent and pleasant years.years where there is abundance of sun and water, years of drought and harsh winters. It now knows that nothing is constant, it knows every winter will be followed by a spring.

Tuesday, 26 November 2013


Sometimes a l'll boost in morale goes a long way in building a stronger and more committed workforce .....I had heard this a couple of times in my work career.....
When recently i came across a very live example. Corporate timelines and work loads leave very little time to empathize with our peers and subordinates....Sometimes a lill' talk a small walk can work wonders on the efficiency component of our workforce.

Lot of companies have invested time in finding suitable programs where one employee can have a genuine workplace friend to look to when in need. Some places its called mentoring, some others a "buddy program", others have found out various fancy names. Every company today feels the need of the hour for their employees to remain stress free to improve efficiency at work. A personal tension can impact your work performance and a work related issue may blow off your personal life, which in turn again impacts your work...this hence forming a vicious cycle.

So get ready to have a boost at your morale at work, talk to a colleague, go for an outing, share some fun helps a lot to balance life as such!!!

Friday, 22 February 2013

Start-up nuisances

I asked several of my closest advisers what a start-up entrepreneur should do? They suggested that I spend 1/3 of my time hiring, another third of my time communicating with employees, and do all the administrative in the final third.

I had — have — a few questions on that allocation. What about talking to partners? The Board of Directors? Customers? Press? Or, in businesses like mine, regulators?

So, what does a CEO do?  I believe, fundamentally, that all of these tasks drive to one, and only one, real goal: Setting a culture, and then defending it against all comers.  You have to make sure new hires get inculcated with your culture.  You have to remind current employees of key cultural norms.  People with influence on your business — Board members, press folks, and partners — need to understand what you are all about.

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Hiring and Firing

               Though the term is quite a nightmare for HR ,it is a truth that every HR faces in his/her work tenure.Hiring the more tedious it sounds the more complicated it is if we map it to the later effects on the company.

If you choose the right guy the consequences being:-
  •     Dealing with too much expectations of the new joined from the company and vice verse
  •     Retention if the talent is good
  •     Attrition rate because of the new joined
If you chose the wrong one the consequences are far worse:-
  •  Dealing with frustrations of the management and the employee
  • Competency matrix and process of training and counseling the employee
  • Firing and rehiring if the competency gap is not bridged within a stipulated time
  • The monetary loss in the whole process